NEW! – What is WP4FB 2.0 ??? (For starters, it’s impressive…)

So version 2.0 of WP4FB has launched. For anyone who hasn’t seen previous versions, the first question has to be:


WP4FB 2.0 is the Number 1 WordPress plugin to create viral Facebook Fan Page Tabs, packed with features that no were previously only available by using services with astronomically high monthly fees.It’s build in a way the user can implement any sort of functionality he/she wants (e.g. sweepstakes, coupons, group deals, auto-share on walls, collecting email addresses, etc). The plugin is easy to use (even drag-and-drop features) and comes with clear step-by-step video instructions.

Take a look for yourself:

Click HERE to view WP4FB 2.0

Here’s to our success!